Ashes for ashes – more about urns for ashes

Death is constant. Nothing and no one can change it or make it unreal. Death can catch you anywhere, anytime, even at the restaurant or cinema. That is why, it is important to enjoy every day of your life. However, sometimes we have to say goodbye to our relatives and friends and try to live without them.


Nawia Aspre - white urn for ashes

We will provide some basic knowledge on the cremation in the United States. There will be presented facts and information that seem to be unknown for the majority of population.


The increase popularity of cremation


At present, cremation is more and more popular in the United States. The cremation rate in 1958 was 3,6% whilst in 2012 it was about 43% and in 2016 it was about 50%. Moreover, the projection of further years shows that the cremation rate is going to be increased.


What are the factors that make the cremation so popular?


First of all, people do not live in one place like they used to. The frequently change their place of work, cities, states and even countries. For those people, it is pointless to visit the graves and cemeteries located in various places.


Secondly, there is an economic factor – cremation is much cheaper than traditional burial. In times of crisis not many people can afford to have traditional burial.


The third factor is the society. People do not have pressure of traditional burial any more. People do not worry about other people's opinions and what is more important, Catholic Church allows to cremations. The latest researches have shown that about 50% of US inhabitants would like to choose this type of burial.


What can you do with ashes?


The recent researches have shown that people usually bury the ashes, scatter them or keep them. Each of those solutions is chosen by 33,3% of population so it means that there is no one leading tendency. Nevertheless, it is worth to get some information about those methods.


When it comes to scattering the ashes – in majority areas you need to have special permission, for example you cannot scatter them in public places, for instance in theme parks or national parks. It is also difficult to do it at sea or in air.


If you decide to keep them, you will have the possibility to stay close to cremains. They consist of harmless minerals and they are completely safe for human body. The best place for keeping ashes are urns for ashes.


The types of urns for ashes


The selection of appropriate urn for ashes may seem to be walk in the park, however, it can turn out to be complicated because there choice is so huge. There are more than ten types of urns that are ordered in accordance to the materials that were made of. The most common kinds of urns for ashes are:


bras and metal


ceramic and raku


glass and more.


Moreover, the urn for ashes may be also an ornament in your living room. As an outcome, there are also manufactured urns that present some themes. They are following:



birds and butterflies

outdoor activities

military and more.


What is more, the professional stores and manufacturers are also able to design the urn for ashes that will meet your expectations and that will match with the hobbies or profession of deceased. Moreover, there are available engraving services on urns. As a result, the urn is made more personal. However, not every urn is appropriate for those services. That is why, if you would like to make a use of engraving services make sure that the urn is well-adjusted to those services.


How to select the appropriate urn for ashes?


White and black Nawia urns for ashes

White and black Nawia urns for ashes

Choosing the urn for ashes is always a difficult task for family. However, this simple guide will help you in choosing the right urn for your purpose.


Before you purchase the urn for ashes, you should consider few things:


✔  the most important aspect is the resting place for ashes. There are available different types of urns dedicated to different purposes. If you want to scatter the ashes – you can purchase scattering tubes or water burial urns that are useful in this type of burial. When it comes to traditional burial – more durable urns will be perfect, for example marble urns. However, if you want to keep the ashes at home – the engraved urns made of high quality material will be ideal for your needs.

✔  Another thing worth considering is the material used to produce the urns – it is important issue and the choice is very wide.

✔  You should also consider the size. You can purchase the urns in four sizes. They are: adult, extra large, medium as well as keepsake. The size is important when it comes to placing ashes at columbariums.

The final aspect is the engraving. Sometimes, it is worth to think about engraving of the urn to make the urn personal.