How to have some part of your relatives closer after death? Everything you need to know about cremation jewellery.

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Death is one of few things that connects every person in the world. You can live in different countries, have various friends, relatives and eat different food. However, it all does not matter. Every living person on the Earth will die some day. It is nothing new – the notable British writer – William Shakespeare used to say: “All that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity”.

When this difficult moment comes in your life and you will have to bury your close relative, it is worth to consider cremation and select unusual method of keeping your loved one's ashes.

One of them is cremation jewellery. Jewellery is very frequently chosen nowadays, especially by people who love wearing diamond rings, out of ordinary necklaces and bracelets. Moreover, you do not have to visit the local jewellery studio on your own – you can order everything online without leaving your bedroom.

There are available few types of cremation jewellery on the market. Some interesting examples are:

  • Diamonds – this type of cremation jewellery is often selected by women who are proud of wearing exclusive jewellery that underline their natural beauty. Nevertheless, in this case, the diamond rings or pendants mean something more – it is an important memorial of close person. The cremation urns cannot be taken with you everywhere – only the diamond ring on your finger can bring you the memories of loved ones of your life. The diamonds are made of cremation ashes and they are designed individually to meet the expectations of every customer. The diamonds are available in assorted colours, for example blue, red, yellow as well as colourless. Moreover, there are provided different carat sizes from 20 to 99. More and more jewellery studios as well as online stores provide custom cremation jewellery that will make your adornment special and one of its kind.
  • Pendants – the professionals from jewellery studio are also able to create unique pendants that will not let you forget about people who you loved and who are not here any more. The most popular shape of bangles are of course hearts that symbolize the love. The adornment can be engraved – there is frequently written – always in my heart or the name of the beloved person. However, there is a possibility to order different pendants in accordance to customer's needs and financial possibilities.
  • Pandora style – the customers may select two types of jewellery made in this style – necklaces and bracelets. The majority of jewellery studios sell beads that contain the ashes. However, if you do not have Pandora style bracelets or necklaces you can also purchase them in the same colour and design to match the beads. Nevertheless, only beads contain the ashes.

Saying goodbye is always a difficult moment in every person's life. However, the cremation jewellery can help you always remember the person and have always some part of her or him.