Urns for ashes – how to select the right one?

Death, black color, graveyard, grave – those are the main symbols of mourning. Death means the end of life but there are still relatives who need to live and try to come to terms with the circumstance.

The relatives are able to keep the ashes when they make a decision to have cremation. The ashes may be kept in special urns that are completely harmless for the environment and the people. Moreover, there are numerous types of urns for ashes available on the market. The urn does not have to look like ordinary. You are able to purchase unique urn that will symbolize the personality of the decedent. What is more, every customer can design and order custom urns for ashes that will be unique and definitely one of its kind.

Nevertheless, before you make a decision about purchasing the urn, it is worth to find out more about the offer that is available on the market. Some worth noticing examples of urns are:

  • Marble urns – those are examples of the most traditional urns. They are long lasting because they are made of waterproof, high quality marble. As an outcome, they can be stored outdoors or they can even be buried. Their capacity is from 200 to 250 cubic inches of ashes. Those urns are dedicated to adults who prefer traditional shapes and style. The majority of marble urns are suitable for engraving from three to six lines. However, marble urns are also considered to be the most expensive ones – the prices start from 200USD.
  • Wooden urns for ashes – this type of urns are perfect for value high quality and handmade products. The wooden urns can turn out to be also a great ornament in your living room or bedroom. The wooden urns can be also engraved up to six lines and their capacity is about 200-250 cubic inches. The wooden urns for ashes can have also some metal ornaments on them that will make the urn special. The wooden urns are definitely cheaper than marble ones – the prices start from 120USD.
  • Crystal glass urns for ashes – this type of urns will definitely grab the attention of every guest who will enter to the room where the urn is placed. The urns are dedicated to customers whose expectations are pretty high and they look for ornament as well. There are numerous crystal urns that are made from glass as well as crystal. They are mainly handmade and imported from master glass artists from different corners of the world, for example the European countries. The urns can be also engraved up to four lines and the total capacity of cremation urn volume is about 200 to 250 cubic inches – it all depends on the size of the urn. The crystal glass urns for ashes can be bought from 300USD and they can even cost about 700USD and more. The price, color and shape depend on the customer's expectations. There is also a possibility to create the urn in accordance to customer's design.
  • Ceramic urns for ashes – the urns are available for families since the ancient times. Today, people also select those urns, especially customers who prefer out of ordinary solutions and breath-taking ornaments. The buyers may select various styles and designs of the urns. What is more, there is also a possibility to place a custom order and have ceramic urn designed and manufactured individually in accordance to customer's needs. The purchaser can order engraving services as well that are done by laser and there is an opportunity to place up to four lines of text. When it comes to capacity of the urns, it is between 200 and 250 cubic inches. The cost of the urn will probably satisfy the majority of buyers because the prices start from 150USD.

Nowadays, the urns for ashes are sold in various colors, shapes and they are also made of different materials. The customer who look for ideal urn has a wide range of products that will certainly meet his or her expectations.