Nawia is a company that creates unconventional designs of funeral urns

Every urn's project is a challenge for us. Each of them is different and special. We go the extra mile to make the last journey very unique, bringing out personality traits of a dearly departed. We believe that such attitude will be of significant assistance in the last journey as well as will bring serenity and silence in soul.


Our customers are always satisfied

Very well made, well crafted. If you are looking for something different from all the look a likes out there, this is exactly the type of urn you should get (...) It is elegant and sophisticated, with an artful flair.
— Brooke, Mammoth Lakes
The urn arrived and it is perfect. Thank you so much for your help during this time. I wish you the best.
— Brandon, Nashville
I am absolutely thrilled with the urn, purchased for our family
— Jane, Barbados
I received them..thank you very much they are beautiful
— Dializa, Plainfield

More about Cremation


What does cremation mean?

Cremation it is a funeral form that consists in reducing corpses to ashes. It is one of the oldest funeral custom and it is credited by most religions throughout the world. Year by year there are more and more people who choose cremation resigning of the other funeral possibilities (ex. In Japan cremation makes up almost 100% funerals). 

Why do we choose cremation among the other options?

Religious aspects usually decide about choosing cremation among the other possible options. People who choose cremation also focus on making the whole funeral process simple and cheaper – the cost of cremation funeral is averagely 30% lower than the traditional burial. Some of people decide to choose cremation because of long time of corpses’ putrefaction process. The process od reducing corpses to ashes is immediate. 

How the cremation process look like?

The cremation is passing off in crematory oven, where the temperature is about 850’C. Here takes place an inceneration of corpses. Thereafter, the ashes are fragmented by additional devices and only then are placed in a crematory urn. 

What is the task of funeral urn?

Funeral urns are used to keep ashes of a deceased. Directly after cremation the ashes are putting to ash bags or special containers, that are placed in a chosen funeral urn.  The urn can be placed in columbarium,  in grave dedicated for urns as well as in traditional grave. In some countries there is a possibility of keeping urn with the ashes of dearly departed at home or strewing the ashes in stated places.

How to choose the funeral urn?

The urn should be matched to a dearly departed and should be in his/her as well as our taste. That is why Nawia has created the unique collection of funeral urns which style and designs may be coherent with human nature and personal features.  Choose your own urn among 3 uniqe designs and match one of 4 available colors in order to give an individual character to the urn.